How To Help Cancer Patients

Drive the patient to appointments. And when treatment is over, drive them to checkups and scans. They may not show it, but cancer patients often. Friends of cancer patients often want to help, but don t know what to do. Here we will give you some ideas about where to start..Find out about the different ways you can help and support somebody when they are diagnosed with cancer..The point person not only can assign tasks and create schedules for meal delivery, errands and childcare, but also can update others about the patient s status..Support caregivers and other family members too. “People are so focused on the patients and .Support for Caregivers of Cancer Patients. Credit iStock. If you re helping your family member or friend through cancer treatment, you are a .When you treat a tumor for the first time, there is hope that the treatment will destroy the cancer cells and keep them from returning. But if your tumor keeps growing. People who have cancer live at home and get help from loved ones. If you are caring for a cancer survivor, we offer some helpful tips.

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